Cultivate Positivity

How do you cultivate positivity in your life?

I sometimes feel like I have an eternally pessimistic attitude. I like to think I am being positive, but deep down I think I fail at that. I feel like I am constantly on the defence – like something bad is always going to happen to me. Or like people’s actions against me are always “bad” when really they are just neutral and I see them as negative. Or maybe I’m not looking for the good in most situations.

I know that the lack of exercise in my life lately may be somewhat to blame for my more pessimistic attitude. But there has to be more! What do those eternally positive people do or think that makes them so upbeat and ambitious?  I really wish I knew what was needed to stay on the upslope all the time. I don’t like appearing negative all the time. 

I need to change. Any suggestions?