Bumping the Blogging

I am not one for bump selfies, or bumpies (if you will).  However, I feel as though I need an explanation for my blogging absence. 

This right here, my friends, is the reason blogging hasn’t been happening: 

 Welcome to bump version 3.0. It is approximately 2/3 complete (or 27w5d if you like to be that kind of exact).

Because of the bump, I have been moving like a waddling senior citizen – yes, as awkward as that sounds. I have been collapsing into a heap of bump and water retentative discomfort the moment I’ve walked through the door after a long 11 hour day at work. 

For a good comic routine, you could watch me put on my compression stockings and SI support belt while sporting my extra-large scrub pants OVER the bump, on the mornings I am preparing for a long day in the OR. 
I’m sad to admit that this bump had taken over my life and has really bumped everything else to the bottom of the priority list, including blogging. 

The bump hasn’t all been bad, though. Let’s remember that there is a little baby princess growing in that bump (oh, that explains it all!) and there is some greatness in that alone. Kicks are getting stronger, love is growing immensely, and excitement is brewing all around. 

So, if there is any power that my brain has over the bump, I will try to get back into this blogging game with more seriousness than I have. I miss all this stuff!

The Pouch

The first time I was pregnant, I remember my pants getting tight around 8 weeks but not sporting a bump until closer to 14 weeks.  The second time around, I remember feeling instantly bloated and I probably got my bump around 10 weeks or so.  This time, I am barely 6 weeks pregnant and I’m already sporting a pouch.

I call it a pouch because it doesn’t look like much of anything.  However, it is definitely an “outpouching” of sorts, that prevents my pants from doing up and that can’t really be compressed with stretch leggings of any variety.  This pouch made picking clothing (non-scrub attire) for this weekend meeting very difficult.  Thankfully, black leggings are coming into style as a more business casual attire staple.

What do I about about this pouch, though?  How is it possible for this to already exist so early on?  I know for a fact that my uterus hasn’t really changed much in size by this point… And sure, there is all that pregnancy bloat to consider.  But can this really be the beginnings of my belly this early?  Already?  I guess I should he thankful, for secrecy sake, that I wear scrubs 100% of the time while I’m at work.  This “cat” wouldn’t stay in the bag much longer, if that was’t the case.

When did you start showing in your pregnancies?