Wednesday Morning Cappuccino 

Here before me sits a perfect cappuccino…  Made with espresso from my Nespresso coffee machine, hot whipped cream frothed with my milk frother, and poured into my beautiful Le Creuset cappuccino cups.

My blogging absence can only be explained by the simple fact that I have been engaging in my life more wholeheartedly.  I’ve come to realize that my time at home is limited and quickly coming to an end.  I’ve been taking the time to notice and appreciate the small things – like this delicious cappuccino that has become a regular part of my morning, or the beautiful, emphatic smiles I receive from baby El when she sees me for the first time in the morning, or even just reading a book or working on my puzzle.

My last blog post was about how my life felt like it was falling apart; how I felt that I lacked clarity and understanding about what I was doing and direction I was taking in life.  Circumstances haven’t changed, but I feel that my efforts to slow down, live in the moment, and experience life wholeheartedly have made me step back and accept life for what it is.  My career is demanding and unyielding at the moment; but I can do it.  My kids are a handful and they pose some difficult challenges; but they love me unconditionally and loving them back is the best gift I can give them.

If anything, I have realized the need to temper my expectations.  I need to slow down and accept my life and the situations I am presented with as they are.  So far this has been working.  Hopefully it will continue to work well as live moves forward

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Cappuccino 

  1. AGGIE!!!!!! =) =)

    So lovely to see your header in my inbox this morning… =)

    Your absence is worth it for the sense of peace than fairly emirates from you blog today. The cap looks amazing, El sounds like the perfect little helper, and while work is tough, you obviously have a handle on it. =)

    I cannot for one minute be happier for you and your family… sometimes when we need it the most, peace seeps in and we realize that we most assuredly can do this.

    Have a beautiful, relaxing, productive, and happy day… and by all that is holy, give tickles and hugs to that precious baby from us all! =)

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  2. Lovely to read, and just what I need right now. We leave for a holiday next week, and I’m letting myself get caught up in the idea that I have a million things to do before I go. Your blog reminds me that most of those millions of things aren’t really important.
    Thank you.

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