Best Mother’s Day Gift

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mothers out there!  I feel privileged to blog amongst all you amazing women!

My Mother’s Day this year will be one of the most memorable of my life.  Baby El was born quickly and without fuss early in the morning May 3. I don’t usually post pictures of my kids online, but today I will make my one and only exception. 

Happy Mother’s Day from both baby El and I!

14 thoughts on “Best Mother’s Day Gift

  1. Oh, how beautiful she is! Congratulations to you and a big welcome to your sweet girl.
    Thank you for the picture, too.
    So happy or you. I love my sons, but there’s a special bond betwwen my daughters and me that is precious. I’m sure you’ll share that same bond with El when she also becomes a woman.
    Much love to you all.

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  2. OMG, OMG, OMGGGG!!!!!!! =) =) GAH !!!!!! She is so damned perfect… uterus achingly jealous! =) =)

    I cannot begin to tell you how HAPPY I am for you, your family, and precious little Sweet Pea!!! She is amazing, and I hope you feel as fantastic as you sound. Blessings, happiness, and all the love in the world raining down upon you all…

    Congrats, Aggie ! And by the way, that blankie is just too darling!

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