10 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens

    • I think you’re right. This comes on the heels of a few weeks of me having a lot of thoughts about contacting her and I talked myself down from it, telling myself that I shouldn’t go chasing after someone that made it clear I was a nuisance. It is in my nature to “be thankful” and to show appreciation for these things. However, this is a very obscure kind of olive branch, and one that is hard to interpret…

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  1. Wow, this is a toughie. My inclination is to thank her politely, but leave it at that. I’d be wary of reconnecting with someone who treated you so badly, and I doubt the relationship could ever be what you want it to be again, but that’s no reason not to be polite.
    It sounds as if she’s feeling some regret, or guilt, but why offer an olive branch anonymously if that’s the case? She must be just as bad at apologies as she is at friendship.
    Once again, this reminds me of my own situation that was similar. My friend also tried to reconnect. As much as a part of me wanted to, the reality of how strangely she’d behaved made me keep her at arms length. She follows my blog, and I did accept her as a Facebook friend, but I know we will never be close again, so I don’t reach out myself. I’m just polite to her, I like having that remote link that allows me to know what’s going on in her life. It works for me, although I know she’d still like more.


    • I wonder if she just doesn’t know the best way to apologize after such a long time and especially after being so hurtful. I would love to re-connect in some way. But I don’t think it will ever be the same and if it was, it would take a long time. I guess it depends on what she has to say. I don’t want to make an assumption or commit to something before I hear her out. That’s only fair, I guess. I just have to make sure I am cautious, thoughtful, and that I tread lightly.

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  2. Hmm… you are in a tight spot with this one, Aggie dear! While I think the ideas above are the best thing, part of me, the really small part, as in the obscene part, wants you to fill them with dog shit and put them on her porch in flames.

    I know, I am getting a one way ticket to hell for that one, and I REALLY want you to be a bigger person than I… but you do so deserve much more, eons more, universes more…
    Respect is hard to quantify, and th emotive may have been there, and true. I have nothing to offer besides this… anything you decide to do will be met with love and support here. =)

    And go eat a treat… you deserve it. =)

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    • Thanks! I already got myself a slurpee and a giant twice bar on my way home from my prenatal appointment! Oh wait, maybe that was my treat for enduring my first cervical check of the pregnancy…. ;). But honestly, I don’t really know what to do about this!

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      • I can see that growing a Sweet Pea has not diminished your sense of humor, and I think you for taking my silliness in stride, lol =)

        Again, hard call, I do not know what I would do in the same situation, but if you feel like you might get pulled back in, and are uncomfortable with that fact, tread lightly…

        As you say, this just may be an extravagant apology, and I think you should take a few days to listen to what your inner heart is telling you. =)


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