Before the falling out I had with my good friend Kay, she bought me a gift: A a 6-month subscription to a “runners box” called Stridebox.  Between the delivery of the 5th and the 6th box, we had our falling out.  I was supposed to receive the 6th box in December of 2014 but it didn’t come until January of 2015, a time when I really, really didn’t want to receive it.  When I saw that 6th box sitting on my kitchen counter that January day, I didn’t know what to do with it.  I didn’t really want it, I didn’t know if I should have thanked her for it despite not talking to her for almost 2 months, and I considered sending it back to her.  I ended up keeping it and never saying anything to her about it.

Since receiving that last Stridebox, I have had little to no contact with Kay.  I think I sent her a message on her birthday the next month, and she never replied.  I may have sent her a few “fundraising messages” through a mass email I sent out over last summer as I raised money to rappel down a building.  She never replied and she never donated to the charity. Last summer when I was forced to close my old blog, I first made it private and invited a select few people to view it.  To my surprise, Kay requested access to the private blog, but from what I could tell, she never visited it after that or requested information about my new blog… She was obviously interested in keeping up with happenings in my life.  Since then, I have been avidly working on moving forward from that point in my life and trying to get her off of my mind.  As some of you may know, this has not always been that easy for me.

Anyhow, can you imagine my confusion (among other various thoughts and emotions) upon finding a brand-new Stridebox sitting on my kitchen counter this afternoon?

Where did it come from?  Who sent it?  Was it Kay?  How can I find out?  What is the significance of this?

I decided to go to the website and make sure that this was a new box… after all, what if it was an old one that got lost in the mail and, just now, made it to my house (even though all 6 of the previous gift were accounted for)?  But no – the box I received is the April/16 box.

Why, after all this time, would I receive one of these boxes?

I am so confused.  I don’t know what to do or think about this.  I honestly can’t think of anyone else who would send me one of these…  If it was Kay who has decided to send this to me, what am I supposed to make of it?



9 thoughts on “Confused

  1. That is so bizarre. I believe you when you say no one you’re aware of aside from Kay would send you the Stridebox, but if she did, what is her purpose? You’d think if she wanted to reconcile she’d message or call you, but to send an anonymous gift? Sounds odd if she did send you this.

    That would drive me crazy (the not knowing) so you have my sympathies for that.

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    • I agree – it’s not like it’s a “common gift” that anyone could send anonymously. It is a very “charged” gift, emotionally and mentally and whomever sent it is tying to mess with me… If it was her who sent it, why not start with a note or an email. And if she did send it, am I supposed to know and am I supposed to thank her?

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      • Well I’m not entirely aware of the details of the fallout that happened between you two, but if it’s anything like the falling out I had with my (supposed) best friend of 15 years, I two tried to reach out to her once or twice with no reciprocation on her end. And it sounds like that’s the same on your end. I don’t know the type of person she is, but if this was a malicious attempt to screw with you or even if it is her tail between the legs way of making amends, I wouldn’t say anything until she approaches you. That saves two things, your humility if she wasn’t the one or if she was and did so with malcontent. But you know her better than I ever could so I am sure what you need to do will come to you.

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  2. Very confusing, but I think your best option is to assume it had nothing to do with Kay. That type of wishful thinking coukd bring you down again and consumer you’re thinking.
    Can you contact the company to find out who sent it?
    If they won’t tell you, some serious sleuthing might be in order.

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    • I did contact the company and just waiting for a response, but I feel like they won’t tell me because of confidentiality. I really want to try hard and assume it’s not her. But like I said to Sarah above, it’s not like it’s a generic or common thing that just anyone would think to send me…


  3. Ooh… secret sneakers… better even that flowers! =)

    You re completely right tho… weirdness to infinity. Give me Kay’s phone # and I’ll pretend to be a customer service rep for the company and inquire about the recent order…

    gods, I hope she is not lurking here… lmao! =) =)

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