15 Best Parts of 2015

This past year has been a tough one. Instead of focusing on the worst parts of my year, let me highlight the best parts!  If only I didn’t vow to not post pictures of my kids and I on the blog… This post would be slightly more exciting for you all!

In order from the beginning of the year:

1. Watching my two little monkeys grow into crazy little boys!

2. Registering A. For kindergarten. 

3.  Mountain retreat with my resident buddies. 

4.  E’s third birthday party. 

5. A Mother’s Day surprise after spending the morning sick in the emergency room. 

6.  Running my first half marathon. 

7. A’s fifth birthday party. 

8. Time with my family at my sister’s wedding. 

9. Disneyland and Florida with the kids!

10. Rappelling down a building for charity. 

11. A summer of gardening with the kids. 

12. Excelling at taekwondo. (I actually got my blue-stripe while I was pregnant). 

13. Reaching my goal of reading 12 (non-education  related) books this year. 

14. Finding out I was pregnant. 

15. Finding out I am having a girl. 

8 thoughts on “15 Best Parts of 2015

  1. What a SPECTACULAR year, Aggie ! =) =) Kindergarten ??!! Aww… that must have been terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. How much fun you’ve had, and look at how much more is simmering away on the back burner. =) =)

    Have a wonderful day, surrounded by those you love, and those who value you. Cannot think of anything more perfect. =)

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  2. A girl! Congratulations! As a mother of 5 boys, I know how exciting it must have been to hear that your newest arrival is going to be a little girl! Sounds like you had a lot of great highlights from this past year!

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