It Looks Like A Baby

The appointment was at 8. I showed up 10 minutes early with the hopes they’d get me done early and I could get back to the OR on time. Actually, the real reason I was early… My bladder was already full and I wanted to pee! 

“Did you drink your water?” The receptionist asked. 

“Yes, I sure did!”

She eyed my large coffee cup suspiciously, “you drank water?” She asked tersely. 

“Yes.  Water.”

I sat back in the waiting room and waited. 8:10 – my gosh, I have to pee! 8:15 -I can’t wait anymore, I should ask them is I can half pee while I wait.  8:20 – they call my name, finally. 

She starts the scan and, of course, my bladder is too full: “please use the washroom and pee until you are comfortable.”  What does that mean?  Is it ever comfortable to pee only half way?

She took the pictures, and by gosh, it looks like a baby!  Arms, legs, everything!  Even a little heart beating at 154!  

This is just too real now!


11 thoughts on “It Looks Like A Baby

  1. Aw… AGGIE !!! =) =) Your sweet pea REALLY is in there !!!!!! =) =) Doncha love that moment when they morph from alligator-like bob to full on BABY ??!! =) =)

    Congrats on your little one, I can’t remember your actual weeks just now, is the bambino as heavy as a handful of grapes yet, or a stick of butter ? I LOVED doing that, going to the grocers and finding things that weighed as much as my gestating foxling… proving how ridiculous I really am. =)

    Happy, happy, HAPPY vibes sent your way ! =)

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  2. This reminds me of the first twelve week ultrasound I went to for a family member – my grandson. He’s now ten months old and a pure delight, and I love him more than I ever would have believed when I saw that image on the screen.

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