Study Day

I lamented the fact that I needed to go in to work that day. After a weekend of practical exams, I was so exhausted. Not to mention that I wasn’t end assigned to any tasks for the day – I would likely do very little during the 11 hours I’d be at the hospital. Regardless, I showed up as expects to round on patients at 06:15. I went to the teaching session at 07:00, like a good resident, despite struggling to keep my eyes open. When we reviewed the tasks of the day and I commented that I was unassigned and, therefore, available to do anything they needed of me, she said: “why not take a study day!”

Sure, the exam was over, but I’ll take a day off work anytime, even under the guise of “studying.” 

 I drove home and arrived at the bus stop before the school bus arrived. The kids were excited to see me before my oldest got on the bus to school. I finished eating breakfast with my youngest before asking him to “tuck” me into bed for a morning nap. When I woke up, older son was home from kindergarten and we all ate some lunch together. We watched some music videos together and then I tucked the little guy into bed and read some books before his nap. I played some Lego in the basement and then suggested we watch a movie. 

“Can we have popcorn, Mommy?” 

“Sure, why not.”

“Are we going to share it in the same bowl.”

“Okay, that’s a great idea!”

“I love you, Mommy.”

And, that was my study day. 


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