Bleeding in pregnancy is usually not a good thing. But sometimes it can be nothing.  It’s really hard to know for sure. 

I’ve been having some spotting for the past week. It started right after my ultrasound last week and it was dark and only a small amount – so I wasn’t too concerned. However, it started up again yesterday and it was a little more this morning. I’ve maybe also been having some cramping – it’s hard to tell because it could just be my IBS acting up. Either way, I’m a little nervous and anxious about it.

I almost called in sick to work so that I could go to my Dr and get it checked out: but who are we kidding… Doctors never call in sick. I’m going to talk to the dr who is going to be my obstetrician in an informal “hallway consult” when I see her this morning. If I went in the the ear with this complaint, she would be the one to see me anyway. And, ironically, I would be the gyne resident they would call to see these cases. 

So a very stressful and complicated situation. In the meantime I will try to remain calm and continue delivering all those other babies who are going to be born today. 


9 thoughts on “Blood

  1. Oh, Aggie… I hear you. Try to breathe, sweet friend. Can you take a moment to drink something warm and soothing ? I know my words are hollow and nothing, but know in the space between them is all the loving-kindness and respect that my heart can hold for you. Be at peace, friend…

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