The Next Visit

I’m on the train, heading to the airport at the end of my weekend trip. I didn’t have much time to myself on this trip, but I did manage a quick walk around the harbour to enjoy the scenery – especially the autum foliage. Oh how I love autumn!

For two days I’ve been helping to plan a conference that won’t be taking place until June. Nine months from now. Nine months. For the entire weekend (including when I passed up my favourite wine at dinner last night), I was acutely aware of where I’ll be in nine months. If I’m lucky, I’ll be back here in June, and with a baby on the outside. How hard to imagine!  

How very much will be different after that time passes: there will no longer be red leaves at my feet and an entire little human being will exist who doesn’t exist now. 

The next time I visit this city, whether it be nine months from now or later, I will be a mother of three.

 (If everything goes the way it should)


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