Actions, My Friend

Actions, eyes, aversion… They are all important my friend.

Well, maybe not my friend. 

Today I am starting at a new hospital for a few months. I love this hospital, but I’m here with someone that makes me uncomfortable. As I’ve mentioned before, I closed down my old blog because of a select number of coworkers who used it as a platform to attack/criticise me. There was one person I suspected, for various and obvious reasons, and they somehow figured it out and then contacted me to deny their involvement. Now at this new hospital, I am working with that person…

And this morning, at our first interaction since the whole blog situation went down, this person avoided eye contact with me. It felt obvious that they were trying to avoid interaction with me. Maybe I am projecting my own assumptions, but it felt very uncomfortable, nonetheless. 

I wanted to look forward to these next few months here, but it’s hard when you feel judged. 

6 thoughts on “Actions, My Friend

  1. Eek, that’s a tough situation…

    Simply by hanging out here for the past few weeks, I feel as if I can say that you are an amazing, strong and competent woman, and while I know that makes you feel lick yuck inside, it is now HER problem, not yours. Take a deep breath, work to your normal standards, and everyone will see what a valuable asset to the team you are… =)

    I’m sorry you have to work with someone who radiates stress and negativity, and hope your interactions with her are limited. If not, just think of all us here, throwing tomatoes at her, muppets-style. =)

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