Decluttering Life

A few weeks ago I started reading this book about Tiding and Decluttering.  It’s amazing how reading a book about cleaning and throwing out “junk” could make you itch to start cleaning.  For weeks I was getting more and more irritated by the clutter in my house and all I could think about was finding time to actually get started on the decluttering.


At the Beginning

Last weekend I actually had some time to get my decluttering project started.  Marie Kondo recommends starting with all the clothes in your house.  Ans when she says “all,” she means ALL.  So, I got together all my clothing, including the clothes in my closet and drawers, my clothing in my husband’s closet, and all my winter clothes down in our basement storage closet.  I spread all of these clothes on the floor in our living room and I just looked.  I knew I had a lot of clothing, but I had no idea it was that much.  I took a moment to reflect on he rules and suggestions about paring down my wardrobe that I had read in the book.  My preliminary guidelines were as follows: 1.  If I haven’t worn it in the last year,  2. if at any time I thought about wearing it and then didn’t because I didn’t like it for some reason, and 3. If it didn’t “inspire Joy” when I held it in my hands.

Clothes for Donation

Clothes for Donation

After going through the pile of clothing twice, and then a third time as I placed what I decided to keep into my closet and drawers, I realized that decluttering my clothing was just the beginning of an amazing journey.  I was amazed at how much lighter I felt just knowing that I had removed so much unwanted-ness from my closet.  I longed to do more – She was right: once you start declutttering, you don’t want to stop.  Unfortunately, the weekend was over and the next task will have to wait until I have another free block of time.  While I still feel disturbed by the clutter and disorganization in the rest of my house, I at least had something done and the decluttering itch was satisfied for a brief moment.

8 thoughts on “Decluttering Life

  1. I can’t wait to see your decluttering journey unfold! Before reading this book, I thought I was very minimal and only had what I needed (a task I’ve been working on for years, ever since I was pregnant with my first baby and didn’t feel like I had room for him amidst the luggage in my bathtub, etc.). And then I read this book and WOAH I had my work cut out for me. Clothes has been such a biggie for me. And BOOKS. Oh my goodness, the books. And kid toys, etc. etc. etc.

    I love the idea of finding simplicity in life by being surrounded by simplicity; ridding our minds of clutter by ridding our environment of clutter. YES!

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    • I totally agree! What makes things worse for me is that my nanny shoves stuff in places it doesn’t belong all the time! I can’t stand it! But when we moved last year, we got rid of so much. Yet, there still seems to be so much to do! I’m on to books next, I just don’t know when that will be! (And the rest of my closet is waiting patiently)


  2. YES !!!!!! =) =) I did this when The Professor moved out, and never once looked back… it is so freeing, to not be bogged down by piles of shite ! =) Now I will admit, I have a small pile of things that need shredding on the top shelf of my hallway closet, and literally every day I think “better get to that”… lol =)

    Glad you were inspired to do something so helpful as well as cathartic… have you ever seen Jodi’s blog, ? She’s an utter genius, and has gorgeous babies to boot ! =)


  3. I got this book and started reading it, but haven’t done this yet. Maybe this weekend…I hate to think how many bags of stuff it will be though,especially if I am honest about what I can fit into vs. not :-O

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